Here is 10 things you must know about Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the real name of Pope Francis, he was elected on March 13, 2013 to succeed Benedict XVI, making him the 266th pope. But what else do we know about his life story?

Did he have any love stories? What salary does he receive? Does he have hobbies? We tell you everything.

A career as a chemical engineer

When he was younger, Pope Francis was destined for a career as a chemical engineer, but he finally chose to pursue studies in theology. He entered the seminary and was ordained a priest in 1969.

A girlfriend

The Archbishop had a girlfriend, whom he met during a tango class which he followed diligently. But this story goes back a long time and, of course, took place before he discovered his religious vocation.

He only has one lung

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has only one lung. When he was only 20 years old, he underwent surgery, more specifically the removal of a lung, after contracting an infectious respiratory disease as a teenager. The infection in question remains unknown for the time being, but rumors claim that at the time, the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a heavy smoker and that this is what would have cost him a lung.

Why the choice of “François”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio quickly stood out from his predecessors by choosing a name that no pope had ever borne: Francis. Something unusual since he is only the third pontiff to take a new first name since Albert in 1101, and Jean-Paul in 1978.

The first Jesuit pope in Catholic history, Francis wished, by this choice, to pay homage to Saint Francis of Assisi who promoted solidarity with the poor throughout his life.

He is a football fan

Like any good self-respecting Argentinian, Pope Francis is a big football fan and has often played it with the children of his neighborhood. His favorite club is none other than San Lorenzo de Almagro in Buenos Aires, of which he is a historic supporter, which earned him a commemorative plaque in his name in 2008.

He would have refused to be pope

At the conclave that followed the death of John Paul II in 2005, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was considered one of the best candidates and would have received around 40 votes to be elected pope. But he would have initially withdrawn from the race, not wishing to be elected.


He is austere

Pope Francis is distinguished by the austerity of his lifestyle. In Buenos Aires, he refused to move into the luxurious residence reserved for him and preferred a small apartment, close to his church. Car with private driver? Very little for him. He travels by public transport and takes his flights to Rome in economy class.

He went so far as to sleep in a slum with one of his priests, whose life was threatened by drug traffickers.

An early riser with a passion for reading

Pope Francis gets up every morning at 4:30 a.m. and spends a lot of time reading, including the works of Jorge Luis Borges and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He is also a polyglot and speaks fluent French, German, English and Italian.

A comfortable salary

If the monthly salary of around 2500 € of the popes is rather comfortable but not fabulous, their retirement is, on the other hand, a little more impressive. But no one doubts that Pope Francis and his big heart will make good use of it to help the needy.

He likes to take time off

Despite his busy schedule, Pope Francis likes to take time off and take the opportunity to watch his favorite film Le Festin de Babette, a Danish drama released in 1987.

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