Is a Gym Membership really necessary?

As we usher in a new year, many people are making resolutions to get in shape and hit the gym. But is signing up for a gym membership really necessary ?

Here are some clarifications to help you make your decision.

Advantages of Gym Memberships:

1.     Motivation:

A dedicated spot for workouts can help fuel motivation. Unlike a home gym, there are no distractions from neighbors, kids, or pets. Joining a gym and being surrounded by fitness enthusiasts can also create a sense of community and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals.

2.     Weather Independence:

Inclement weather can put a damper on outdoor workouts. However, a gym eliminates this problem by providing a consistent workout space. Whether it’s raining or snowing, the gym is always there waiting for you.

3.     Variety:

Gyms offer a vast inventory of equipment and weights to help build every muscle in your body. There’s also plenty of variety in the types of workouts you can do, including exercise classes.

Disadvantages of a Gym Membership:

1.     Cost:

A monthly gym membership can be expensive, sometimes costing up to £100 per month. This cost can be a deterrent if you’re not sure whether a gym membership is right for you. Working out at home or outside can be cheaper or even free.

2.     Time-Consuming:

Travelling to and from the gym can eat into your valuable time. Not all gyms are open 24/7, so it may be more convenient to work out at home when the motivation strikes.

3.     Germ Exposure:

Gyms are shared spaces that can harbor germs, putting you at risk of infection. Even with policies in place for equipment cleaning, it’s impossible to guarantee that all gym-goers are following the rules.

In the end, the decision to join a gym comes down to personal preferences, income, confidence, and self-motivation. Regardless of where you choose to work out, it’s recommended that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week.

This can be done at home or at the gym, either way the decision is entirely up to you.

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